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We have a lot of innovative designs to make sure you have choices on finding a modern railing that looks good at the right price. Modern is not a cliché but a real architectural consideration when reforming or building your project.

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Modern railing is sometimes using an existing format but adding new aspects to it. Glass railing or LED enhanced products are a nice way to modernize.

Consider which of the following best defines the area for your modern railing:

  1. Outdoor areas – for outdoor areas being modern is sometimes upgrading from wood to stainless steel.

  2. Indoor areas – for modern railing in most cases within the building a frameless glass variant is chosen. Some customers will upgrade to a LED modern railing with a particular color display.

  3. Deck Railing – as most decks are functional areas and often have a view to preserve, using an oval stanchion mount with glass gives you the right mix for an unobstructive and modern railing.

  4. Modern Handrail – in this case maintaining clean lines is critical in getting that modern look. That means avoiding complicated joins and overruns.

To better help visualize how your modern railing design will look when its ready, you need a good 3D project that includes your balcony, stairs or deck to scale. We can help you with your project and offset this as a discount against the railing you might purchase.

Why buy your Railing and Handrail systems from Stainless Designs:

  • 100% Modular railing systems in 316L Stainless Steel

  • Quality graded products - we are registered TS 16949

  • Over 15 years global experience

  • Best quality to price ratio

Modern Railing Design
Modern Railing Design