We supply Railing for all Project types, from residential railing to commercial property railing. Our product range for railing includes stainless steel models and glass mount railing.

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  1. Budget for the project including to include stainless steel railing components, glass and installation costs. If this is a unique project companies like Stainless Design can also include a project and prototype define better the railing desired.

  2. The Usage area and type of project. In areas where there is a view, glass should be a preference. Glass railing also adds value and aesthetic quality to the ambient. If the project is residential or commercial there are different requirements for stress testing and mounting parameters for the guard railing.

  3. Railing Finish as polished or brushed will also be determined by the railing usage. In high frequency usage the railing should be finished in brushed, as polished material requires regular cleaning to look good. While in areas exposed to high corrosion, up to 200 meters from the sea, coastal railing should be finished in the highest-grade stainless steel. For this we supply 316L, as per all our products supplied to the USA. Mirror finish on the railing is recommended to avoid corrosion.

  4. Glass type necessary for the railing is determined again by residential or commercial. Up to 10mm is sufficient for railing in residential projects. 12mm to 20mm glass is necessary for commercial railing projects. Clear, reflective, fire-proof, toughened, laminated, or colored glass are all options to be considered for your railing.

  5. Fixing agents and mounting components are probably the most overlooked aspects of a railing installation. But are key to specifying how we mount the railing and stability of the installation. We prefer chemical bonded mounts in all cases with a good quality epoxy resin glue.

Why buy your Railing and Handrail systems from Stainless Designs:

  • 100% Modular railing systems in 316L Stainless Steel

  • Quality graded products - we are registered TS 16949

  • Over 15 years global experience

  • Best quality to price ratio

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