Balcony Railings

NEWS ALERT – Choosing the right product for your balcony railings is an important decision. It affects both the look and feel of your house. Glass mount systems can bring a modern design and contemporary look. While stainless steel railings can bring solid lines to the visual of your balcony. You also want to make sure your installer has the experience and knowledge to make the railing installation safe and solid. See below on how to decide what is best?

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Balcony Railing

For quoting please consider!

  • Choose your priority
    • Cost benefit
    • Modern look
    • Solid lines
  • Measure up the sections
  • Include front and side returns
  • Take a photo of each section
  • Decide top mount or side mount
  • What finish do you want
    • Glass – clear or tinted
    • Stainless – satin or mirror
  • Do you need a top handrail
  • Choose a system – prices on site
  • Our BOM tool will list materials
  • Buy from our e-com